“Sam Gallagher is the best drummer I’ve ever played with. Unfortunately another drummer asked me to marry him. You know how it goes. Hopefully my fiancé never reads this but Sam is my top choice.”

Meg Myers (Atlantic Records artist and songwriter)

“Sam Gallagher is one of the hottest mother fuckers out there. He came in and “aced” a gig that I had to bail on. Everybody told me how they liked him better than me. That’s why I referred him, he’s better. GO GET YOU SOME “SAM”. He’ll fucking lay it down and rock it out, really. That’s the information that was relayed to me… and I really like this guy. Enough said. Sincerely,”

Butch Norton 9/11 (Drummer for Lucinda WIlliams, The Eels, Rufus Wainwright, Tracy Chapman)

“The professionalism and all round ‘go-to guy’ enthusiasm this Gallagher chap brings to the table and indeed the studio, is a joy to behold, tip top I say, yes, tip top!”

Guy Massey (Abbey Road legendary engineer and producer)

“What the hell is wrong with my son?!”

-Sam Gallagher Sr. (Sam’s dad)

“Sammy Hammersticks is one of the hardest hitting and hardest working drummers I know. I have had the pleasure of working with him on stage as well as in the studio and have always been impressed by his tremendous skills, huge fills, and work ethic. I hope to work with him again soon.

Doctor Rosen Rosen (Producer/Songwriter)

“I have had the privilege of producing/engineering three albums with Sam behind the drum kit… two of his own band, the Idyllists, and one as a session drummer for a project I was producing. Great meter, great parts, great performance, and a great hang.  He’s a total pro and always prepared… not only with a great assortment of drums, cymbals,and a big tub of percussion, but with what really matters… the songs.  He’s dependable, versatile, and the first drummer that comes to mind when I need someone for a session or whenever someone asks me for a referral. Great dude, great drummer.”

Jeffrey Saenz (Producer/Engineer/Country Music Icon)

“Working with Sam Gallagher is always an absolute privilege. I have had the great fortune of collaborating with him on a few different projects at this point and he always brings a light-hearted but professional approach to the task at hand.  Whether it be creating parts in the studio, rehearsing or playing live, he is an integral part of the team.”

Meg Olsen (Singer/Songwriter)

“This guy? Fuck this guy!”

-Josh Henry (Unknown)

“Sammy has good tone, time, and taste. He’s stable and reliable. He even looks cool. He’s also very funny and very weird and a positive addition to any outfit.”
Daniel Dempsey (Producer/Musician/Custom Chopper Specialist)

“I breast fed sammy until he was almost 2″

-Donna Gallagher (Sam’s mom)

“Sam who?!”

Barack Obama (POTUS)